The Rat King


A human form sits in a chair, rats running around and piling items into wooden boxes then shoving them into an open pipe.

Upon noticing anyone watching him, the Rat King stands, spreading his arms and drawing in his flock. Rats pile upon his shoulders, draping themselves and forming one large humanoid rodent.

Upon his death, all that was left behind was A Knotted Tail.


The Rat King was found in the Ravensfaire Sewers, seemingly the ringleader of the rats that had been causing chaos among the Peace Festival. Commanding his rats’ every movement and attempting to play off of deep seeded racial tensions, the Rat King attempted to incite war during a time of peace.

The rats communicated with the party telepathically; while the room may have sounded silent but for the padding of their small paws, the companions heard the Rat King’s parting words loud and true:

“We serve our Master, and he will not be pleased with this.”

The Rat King

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