The Mother Tree

The Mother Tree is rumored to stand in an unknown location deep within the Oak Forest. Traces of the Mother Tree can be found with a keen reading of many different creation myths. Mother Nature, the Tree of Life, the World Tree, the Great Nest, all refer to the same mythical location.

It is said that the Mother Tree is not found, but that it instead beckons to you.

The tree itself stands in a great mile wide clearing, wood and branches reaching the width of a small city. The grounds surrounding the tree are covered with vines, tall grasses, and a litany of flowers. Those who gaze upon the tree are met with visions of what they seek most, catching a glimpse of perhaps their one true primal 'Mother'. 

Reports of the last sighting of the tree come from Dante Brown and Morgor, who claim to have seen a large hole dug in its base, its leaves and vines wilting, and feeling a calling to enter it.

The Mother Tree

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