A Faire Site

Once a year on the first day of Fall, a mass exodus of ravens takes flight from the courtyard of Drzal Keep. The invitations attached to these ravens' feet spread to the far reaches of the continent and mark the beginning of the Ravensfaire Peace Festival, a time when envoys of every sovereign city state congregate to share their culture and celebrate the current state of (albeit, tenuous) nonviolence.

Named after this annual festival, the city of Ravensfaire is the de facto capital of the Falone Territories. Although not officially a governing body on paper, its position as host for the festival spilled over into continental politics. Known as a neutral territory in all respects, Ravensfaire is home to select political and religious figures and representatives from across the continent.

Political figures are most notably found wandering the halls of Drzal Keep, hosting meetings and striking agreements and treatises in any of the large rooms, while those seeking religion turn their attention to the Sanctum of Reflection, the large temple in the center of the city.

As the Lord of Ravensfaire, the responsibilities of ruling have fallen to Lord King Samuel Drzal

Recent History

In more recent history, a group of faire-goers, strangers to one another, seem to have banded together and ventured down into the Ravensfaire Sewers in the face of unrest and potential violent outbreak at the festival. In response to their heroism, Lord King Samuel Drzal brought them to attention in his closing speech, and made their services known to the great public. 


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